Why You Need Us

Companies often struggle to make important meetings productive and effective. Here are some of the symptoms of poor meetings and how Dangerous Kitchen can help:

Are meetings boring, painful or unproductive?Are meetings boring, painful or unproductive?

This is probably the most common sentiment in business today—but it doesn’t have to be that way. Meetings can and should be “dynamic, passionate, focused engagements … where CEOs and their staff weigh the options and determine the direction of every facet of a business” (Lencioni, “Death by Meeting“). Unfortunately, since few people have the expertise—or the time—to prep and run a truly productive meeting, common sentiment rules the day.

The Solution: Leave the agenda and techniques to us. We’re masters at getting teams visually, mentally and physically engaged with the program, employing creative exercises that keep people focused and leveraging facilitation skills that keep everyone on target.

Does your company promote innovation?Does your company promote innovation?

As organizations grow, they naturally shift attention toward efficiency and existing profit centers and away from new thinking. Employees look to protect their areas of interest and “stick with what works,” stifling innovation and the motivation—perhaps even the ability—to think beyond the norm.

The Solution: Using the power of graphic facilitation and creative thinking techniques, we remove the blinders to expand people’s perspectives, enabling valuable insights and ideas to surface that might otherwise never see the light of day.

Are good ideas getting through?Are good ideas getting through?

Effective communication skills—especially the ability to craft and present big ideas that truly stick—are not easy to come by. Though your staff may be rocket scientists, if they can’t deliver solid, logical, digestible arguments that touch the hearts and minds of pivotal decision makers, their brilliant thinking won’t make an impact on your bottom line.

The Solution: Our visual approach to facilitation generates truly meaningful output. We combine graphics and text in ways that help you “see,” fostering engagement, understanding, retention and internalization at any level of the organization.

Are your teams stuck in silos?Have teams been replaced by silos?

Companies  are often fractured into silos by organizational structure, policy, politics, and other disruptive forces, creating fissures across departments and a cultural mix of star players, wanna-bes and the disenfranchised. From senior management on down, the workforce doesn’t have the ability or forgets how to work as a team—or they simply stop caring.

The Solution: We assess team dynamics and foster group alignment around goals, ideals and ideas. We help your team work in concert, building levels of trust and cooperation that have lasting value, both strategically and monetarily.

Are you overwhelmed with information?Are you overwhelmed with information?

In these days of Big Data, it’s challenging to leverage, much less digest, the amount of information available—especially when it’s delivered in hundred-page reports where the gems are buried in the margins. (According to Oracle, one-third of management gives itself a “D” or “F” in dealing with their share of the 2.5 quintillion bytes of daily data.)

The Solution: What good is a report if nobody reads it? Or acts on it? Our deliverables are bold, clear, brief and easy to internalize, with motivating illustrations and key messages that often wind up on walls. We’re strong proponents of  Wilkens’ Law: “The effectiveness of a research report is inversely proportional to the thickness of its binding.” We won’t weigh you down with documents that never see the light of day.