Why Your Work-Life Balance is Whacked

And (potentially) what to do about it

Many people see the world this way:

Work-Life Balance

Others see things this way:


A different point of view

I invite you to consider this instead:

Life as a system

From this perspective, it’s easy to dispel the bifurcated notion of work-life balance.

It’s all life, isn’t it?

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  • James Wright

    Proposing a similar concept, I really found this book helpful, as it included actual steps to take in addressing this reality: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0052RDIXW/

  • Funny you should say this. I was just having this exact conversation with a business partner. Good stuff!

    • I wish more people had this conversation. 🙂 Thanks!

  • Chris Lynn

    Rich, this is indeed a richer (sorry) picture than the old see-saw, but it doesn’t help one to decide where to set the priorities. A visualization that I use is to take a target with concentric rings representing progressively higher value (or more meaningful) activities in your life. Then turn it on its edge to show a histogram with the center bar being the center of the target, with highest value. Allocate what percentage of your time you want to spend on each activity, and estimate what percentage of your time you actually spend on each. Mark this as a thermometer level in each bar. Stand back in horror as you realize how full the low-value activities are in comparison with the ones that create the most meaning and satisfaction in your life.

    A picture is worth a thousand words and I’ll post one as soon as I have time…:-(

    • Good point Chris. I admit, my aim was for a simple shift in perspective, not a total solution. 🙂 A deeper dive would be most welcomed!