Who is Dangerous Kitchen?

Who is Dangerous Kitchen?

Hi. I’m Rich Goidel. When you engage with Dangerous Kitchen, you’re primarily hiring me (with an able-bodied assistant in tow, and perhaps a specialist when called for). As a Group Facilitator, here’s what I bring to the table:

Visual Thinker

First and foremost, I’m a whiteboard and Big Paper guy, steeped in the art and science of applying visual modalities to solve problems. I help people “see” Big Ideas using down-to-earth methods and practices developed from years of experience and training.

Strategic Facilitator

My expertise runs deep in many areas of business — sales, marketing, creative, production, operations and finance — having owned and worked with various companies and clients throughout my career. In every role, my greatest contribution has been to facilitate strategic team thinking to solve complex problems.


With six years teaching college students and eight years working with clergy to mentor teens and families, I know how to stimulate critical thinking and illuminate ideas about what really matters.

Certified Scrum Master

An outgrowth of Lean Manufacturing, Agile/Scrum practices rely on teamwork to deliver complex software applications, and Scrum teams rely on Scrum Masters as catalysts for process and team growth. I believe the Agile Manifesto of collaboration, iteration and innovation can benefit all kinds of companies, and I apply these principles in every engagement.

Musician and Producer

As a professional musician and producer, I’ve performed with, directed and managed ensembles of every shape and size, from rock bands to orchestras. Whether the notes are on the paper or improvised on the fly, I know how to motivate people to perform at their best.


Since I’ve successfully shepherded two daughters from birth to adulthood, I’ve got a solid grasp on the complexities of human emotion. I know when to step in and when to stay out (and when to hold onto the car keys).