What To Expect

What to Expect

Here’s what to expect when you hire The Kitchen:

1. Environmental Scan

We interview your team to capture their thoughts and learn what makes them tick, gaining critical insight into the goals and cultural dynamics of your organization.

2. Program Design and Review

From that input, we create an agenda with an assortment of discussion topics and exercises designed to advance your thinking and come to consensus on specific goals. We then review the agenda with key stakeholders for approval.

3. Logistics

If needed, we’ll book event space, hotels, catering, air travel, even car service, coordinating schedules to get everyone in the right place, at the right time.

4. The Main Event

Whether it’s a half-day session, weekend retreat or five-day summit, we set the pace and guide the entire process, sticking close to the agenda and helping your team navigate toward agreed-upon goals. We use a carefully planned combination of tools to get it done—whiteboards, craft paper, flip charts, digital displays, sticky notes, sticky dots, even artifacts like action figures, toy cars and other trinkets—expanding attendees’ horizons and getting everyone involved and thinking outside the box. The combined effect of visual, aural and tactile modalities crystalizes understanding and helps the team internalize the fruits of its efforts.

5. Follow Up

We follow up with a complete report of the work we did together, along with any important artifacts, for review with key stakeholders. We address any final questions and ensure there are no gaps or outstanding issues. Our deliverables are, of course, highly visual, serving as actionable blueprints for the road ahead.