A Few Words From Happy Clients…

“This was the first time we have used a neutral third party to facilitate our annual management off-site. I knew it would be better with a professional facilitator but I had no idea of the impact it would have on our meetings.
        “Rich did an amazing job keeping us moving forward and the meeting really flowed well as we went along. His ability to utilize visualization techniques added a completely new dimension to our work. I would gladly recommend Dangerous Kitchen to anyone wanting to get maximum impact from group meetings such as this one.”
Eric Dykes, CEO – United Technology Group

“Rich demonstrated a special intuition for getting our team of experienced managers (with very different perspectives and opinions) to align around essential ideas. His strategic exercises and programmatic approach led us to define our business, and helped establish an environment of trust and collaboration that encouraged us all to be daring in our thinking.
        “The most important element, perhaps, was his use of illustrations—a technique of visual thinking that allowed us all to stop interpreting words and start effectively communicating thoughts.
        “Thrust now has a clearer vision of leadership roles and strengths, company culture, collective vision, and a comprehensive roadmap to pursue our ‘big hairy audacious goals.’ ”
James Wright, Chief Product Officer – Thrust

“We used Dangerous Kitchen to help us flesh out a new idea for a service offering. I’m envious of Rich’s incredible talent for asking the right questions and translating rough concepts into pictures. With his help, we’re off and running on the next phase.
Brian Leach, Founder and CEO – Steelray Software

“We needed help channeling the vision of our new technology startup into a brand and evolving our go-to-market strategy. Dangerous Kitchen did that and much more. Over several energizing days, Rich masterfully guided our thoughts, ideas, and emotions, always keeping us on track. The result was a modern, forward-thinking brand along with a roadmap that we will continue to follow as our business evolves and grows.
        “Rich is an outstanding facilitator—easygoing yet creative and thought provoking. His methodologies achieve results and clearly exemplify his vast experience and solid business acumen. Dangerous Kitchen totally went above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction.”
Ruth Menter, Principal – Pivotal Bridge

“We engaged Dangerous Kitchen to facilitate our vision and strategy retreat to develop a birth center for Atlanta. Rich’s carefully planned facilitation re-energized and refocused a group of busy, distracted physicians and care providers who are constantly pulled in multiple directions, resulting in a renewed unity of vision.
        “This clarity was reinforced by Rich’s thorough, clear and concise follow-up report. His easily discernible graphics and charts transformed our scattered goals and ideas into concrete, actionable items. Rich’s expertise will have an immeasurable and lasting impact on the growth and health of Atlanta Birth Center.”
Dacia Alexander, Business Director – Atlanta Birth Center

“I’ve worked with Dangerous Kitchen several times over the past few years. Rich always offers valuable insight and direction, helping us think and work through situations in a creative and thought-provoking way. My company’s strong identity and clear game plan are a direct result of his invaluable help. Thanks Rich!”
Ben Klang, Principal – Mojo Lingo

“Rebranding an existing company is like replacing the mast of a ship sailing at full speed. Throughout the journey, my crew felt heard, understood, included. I was amazed at how quickly Rich brought us to alignment and kept us accountable to our overly ambitious timeline.
        “Rich has a preternatural ability to unearth core issues during the discovery, research and facilitation phases. Using image and metaphor, Rich captured and communicated very complex concepts, creating clarity out of chaos.
        “I had never experienced visual facilitation before this experience. Now that I have, I see the value of it: fastest path to clarity, deeper team buy-in, stronger alignment and forward motion.”
David Taylor-Klaus, Principal – Touchstone Coaching

“Dangerous Kitchen brought method to our madness, helping us deconstruct problems and get to root causes. Rich is a wise and patient ‘rabbi’ who possesses a unique talent to keep people centered and focused—he’s the guy you need at the center of your team.”
Nick Webb, Chief Innovation Officer – Proving Ground
“My partner and I hired Dangerous Kitchen to mentor us through the development of our new company. Rich’s zealous and structured approach to help us ‘find ourselves’ in relation to our market was inspirational. He stretched us far beyond what we thought we could do and enabled us to see more potential than we imagined for our business.”
Guina Bixler, Partner – Emerge…