Santa vs Rudy – YOU decide!

Santa vs Rudy

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  • KF

    Santa has the checkbook. I’m sticking with him.

  • I smell what your cookin’, but how would kids sit on Rudy’s lap? πŸ˜€

  • culturesleuth

    They make a good team – need each other – Rudy could still be hanging out in Lapland without Santa – maybe happier, except for the mono diet of lichen.

  • I feel like you’re just being overly P.C. because Rudolph was the unfortunate victim of bullying. Sure, all of the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names, but grow up–– sticks, stones and all that–– no broken bones.

    They’re just words, Rudolph!

    Is Santa perfect? No. But, he also is not the potential carrier of lyme disease (we hope).

    • Key word: “Potential” carrier. Maybe we should take a cue from a certain presidential candidate and ban all reindeer from entering the country until we figure this Lyme Disease thing out!?

      • Now you’re overly un-P.C.!
        Pick a side and stick with it!!!

  • Also, if you mess with a reindeer, you get the antlers!