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How To Compare Apples & Oranges

Use this simple comparison tool to, uhh, compare stuff. Here’s what I woke up thinking about at 4AM this morning: When faced with the choice between an apple and an orange—or any number of somewhat dissimilar options—what simple algorithm might be

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The Agenda Test

Put an end to time-wasting meetings with one, simple exercise: the Agenda Test. People often complain about time-wasting, soul-sucking meetings (50% of meetings, according to some stats). Here’s a quick way to fix that. Before your next meeting, imagine (or create) a Venn

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Got Goals? Make A Map!

Use a simple map to articulate goals and formulate strategies. No matter how much I work with pictures, I’m always amazed at how they can stimulate thinking. Always. Take this simple goals exercise, for instance. It’s so self-explanatory, you’d think

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