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How To Compare Apples & Oranges

Use this simple comparison tool to, uhh, compare stuff. Here’s what I woke up thinking about at 4AM this morning: When faced with the choice between an apple and an orange—or any number of somewhat dissimilar options—what simple algorithm might be

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Culture vs. Strategy

An organization’s culture can drive success—or sink it. Inspired by the article How to Effectively Merge Company Cultures by David Maxfield of VitalSmarts David Maxfield’s recent blog post on merging cultures has a few lessons for every company, not just those dealing with M&A.

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30 Seconds to Make or Break a Conversation

30 seconds of conversation goes by fast—use the time wisely! According to recent research by VitalSmarts, organizations lose quite a bit of money, time and opportunity because people are afraid to speak their minds. 95% of employees struggle to speak

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Conflict Is Better With Pictures

Especially if you’re trying to illustrate it I tend to devour books on business management. But I often find that, though the arguments are sound, and sometimes revelatory, somehow they’re often a little too intellectual, a little too…dry. Take Patrick

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Smartphones Make Us Less Human

And now we have the science to prove it. In a recent NY Times article, Barbara Fredrickson cites new scientific research indicating overuse of smartphones is measurably reducing our biological capacity to connect with people. In short, the less we interact

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The Impact of Appreciative Inquiry

I was thinking about Appreciative Inquiry (the middle bar). One might argue it actually has the most impact, as it certainly affects What We Do.

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