Who needs group facilitation?

Factory You do! Over 50% of meetings fail due to misaligned efforts, short attention spans, ill-conceived action plans and poor follow through. The opportunity costs of those meetings are too high to ignore, let alone the cost of ineffective results.

We fix that with just one more seat at the table, unifying your team's efforts and guiding them to identify the issues, formulate effective strategies, internalize goals and deliver tactical results.

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Why Dangerous Kitchen?

Whiteboard Simple. We're passionate about helping smart business people work together to achieve great things — from the C Suite on down.

Our proven methods transform meetings, workshops, seminars and retreats from tedious obligations into truly impactful events. We engage teams to deliver excellence through the power of visual thinking, using whiteboards, flip charts and big paper.

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Don’t take our word for it!

Love "My company's strong identity and clear game plan are a direct result of Dangerous Kitchen's invaluable help. Thanks Rich!" - Ben Klang, Mojo Lingo

"Rich's visual thinking techniques allowed us to stop interpreting words and start effectively communicating thoughts." - James Wright, Thrust

"The Kitchen brought method to our madness, deconstructing problems, getting to root causes and keeping us focused." - Nick Webb, Proving Ground